Skip Processed: Easy to Make Peanut Butter


Few things can take me back to my childhood like this magical spread.  It is thick, creamy, yet spreadable all at the same time.  And let’s not forget the aroma.  Opening a jar of it and I am instantly back in my mother’s kitchen as six-year-old just home from school.  There in front of me on a pink melamine plate, was my after-school snack.  A peanut butter sandwich!  Oh peanut butter, how I love you.

peanut butter sandwich

peanut butter sandwich

While the store-bought peanut butter of my childhood created fond memories, I was young enough (and naive enough) that I was not worried about the label.  Little did I know what else was in the jar besides peanuts.  Some ingredients that ended up in my PB&J included:  Mono and Diglycerides, Fully Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Folic Acid, Rapeseed Oil, and Sugar.

Now as an adult, I am very concerned with what I eat and avoid artificial ingredients.  Surely homemade peanut butter can be made without all of that extra stuff?  So with Vitamix in hand, I set out to create peanut butter that would rival my childhood memories.  What I ended up with was something that blew those memories away!

Homemade Peanut Butter

  • 1 1/2 C. roasted peanuts, shelled and skins removed
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt

(Note: since I do not add oil to this recipe, there is not a layer of oil on the surface of the peanut butter.  Each time I have made this recipe… no oil layer.)

Place peanuts and salt in a high-powered blender, such as a Vitamix.  Blend on a high setting for 1 full minute.  Tamp down peanuts as needed so all of the nuts are blended.  Pulse as needed to get to the desired consistency. NOTE:  I blend for almost 2 minutes to get the creamy texture I like.  Listen to your blender and turn off if it sounds like the motor is struggling.  If you desire a thinner, creamier texture, drizzle in a little peanut oil.

This peanut butter has a great peanut flavor.  Try a taste of this and then try a taste of one of the ‘big’ label brands.  Taste a difference?  Does the texture feel different?

fresh peanut butter

fresh peanut butter

To store your luscious spread, select a container with lid that secures.  Personally, I prefer to use a glass canning jar, that way I can see the level of the peanut butter which helps me determine when to make the next batch.  As a hint: use the ‘wide mouth’ jars.  It is easier to scrape out ensuring that you get every last bit of goodness.

You can still make that favorite after-school-snack, but this time, you can take all the credit by feeding your family homemade peanut butter.  All it takes are just two ingredients, a sturdy blender, and the will power to not eat it all at once.  Create new family memories with a childhood favorite snack, but this time you can take all the credit!




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    • While I know that you can stir the oil back into the peanut butter, I figured why not make peanut butter without it? Great flavor, fewer ingredients… easy to make. Glad you like it!

    • With my previous blender, I could only dream of homemade peanut butter so I know what you mean. But these days, I now have a blender that will allow me to make this (as well as almond butter, pecan butter, sunflower butter…). I also like making small batches since this does not have any preservatives in it.

    • You are welcome. I have always loved peanut butter, but as adult, I am avoiding items that contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives. In homemade peanut butter, you control the ingredients… and this has a real peanutty flavor.

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