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    • I would suggest your local farm & ranch stores (most places that sell chicken feed usually sell chicks and some even carry adult chickens). If you don’t have any luck with that, check to see if your community has any chicken clubs or at local poultry shows. The shows that I have been too always have some birds for sale. Good luck!

  1. Connie, I’m thrilled that you’re doing so well and I love reading your blogs. We moved to WA shortly after I retired and I tune in to friend’s websites to give me that taste of Colorado! hugs. Liz

    • Hi Liz! It has been ages. I hope you are enjoying retirement. The soap making class I took from you many years ago was a powerful moment. Since then, I have always made my own soap and that lead into balms, lotions, salves… Thank you. You are a great teacher. I hope you continue to visit the blog (and comment on posts) and enjoy our urban homestead adventures. And if you are ever back in Colorado… please get in touch. 🙂

  2. Hello, I’m Shannon and right down the road from you in Loveland. Lori Juszak gave me your blog address when I asked her if it would be alright to have my real estate photo done with my chickens. We do name our girls and this week finally solved the frozen water issue with a great clay pot heater. I found it in backyardchickens.com. The girls have a cozy coop. My next diy adventure is soap making. Looking for a good simple goats milk or tea tree recipe. Can you help me?

    • Hi Shannon…welcome fellow chicken keeper! (We also name our girls as well). I think that you will enjoy soap making. Recipes can be as simple or complex as you like. One of my favorites is a castile soap which is olive oil, lye, and water. You can replace the water with goat milk, though when you use goat milk, the lye will heat it up and will cause it to turn an orange-ish color. You can freeze the goat milk to where it is slushy and then add the lye… this will help reduce the likelihood of the soap becoming an orange color. As far as tea tree… if you purchase that as an essential oil, you can simply add that when you are mixing the lye solution and oil/fat solution together. Add the essential oil before the ‘trace’ stage. I have posted a soap recipe on the blog where I use goat milk. Since you are in the area, let me know if you would like to get together to make soap. I can step you through the process. Send an email to urbanoveralls@gmail.com and we can set up a time.

  3. Hi, we are the Egg Skelter egg-skelter.co.uk and are trying to break into USA ; do you have any advice!! We’ve never been and are in a contract with a Co called MannaPro, but they don’t appear to be very Pro active at all. Do you feel the urban chicken keeping is a growing area? I have never been to America, so am completely new to your Country’s ways!

    • Yes, urban chicken keeping is definitely a growing area. I live in Colorado and there are more cities each year that are allowing backyard chickens. States leave that up to the local communities (cities) to decide whether or not to allow chickens within city limits. Cities are creating what is known as ‘urban agriculture’ ordinances. Most communities place an upper limit on the number of chickens allowed and pretty much all communities will not allow roosters.

      As far as MannaPro, I don’t have any experience with them. We buy our chicken feed from a local feed & grain store.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

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