Sunshine Award


A few weeks ago, I was humbled and honored to be chosen for the Sunshine Award.   The blogger who selected me is  I would like to express my sincere thanks to Quarteracrelifestyle for this nomination.  As someone who recently entered the blogosphere, I am truly touched.

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

First the Sunshine award:
So the rules of this award are the following:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Ten pieces of information about myself:

1.  I love gardening.  It is my passion.

2.  I love food.  No really.  I truly enjoy the pleasure of eating good food.

3.  I grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa where we raised hogs, cattle, chickens, sometimes sheep, as well corn and soybeans, and several large vegetable gardens.

4. On a cold winter’s evening, there is nothing I enjoy more than a fire in the fireplace, a good book, and a cup of hot tea.

5. My senior year of high school, I stood on the observation deck of the World Trade Center.

6.  I can’t sing… at all.

7.  I hate cleaning out the chicken coop.  I would gladly trade that chore for anything else on our homestead.

8.  My parents were my best teachers.

9.  I once kissed Don Ho.

10.  I really enjoy making things.  It doesn’t matter if it is a homemade meal, soap, lip balm, scrapbook, or a needle work project.

I now nominate 10 people:

1.  Secondhandroses – we share a common interest in flea markets, garage sales, and the odd things that can turn up when you least expect it.

2.  Julie Rowan Zoch – I love her illustrations.  Beautiful.  Whimsical.

3.  FarmingFortCollins – we are two peas from the same pod.  Her blog focuses on local farming activities, CSAs, farmers’ markets, and interviews with local farmers.

4.  LearntoPreserve – she takes readers through the sometimes intimidating steps of canning.  She has wonderful recipes and photos.

5.  TheNerdyFarmWife – nice articles, great step by step instruction on how to make things such as balms, lotions, and recipes.

6.  TheArtisticFarmer – she has wonderful recipes and is a fellow chicken keeper.

7.  ThePrairieHomestead – we share many common interests including chickens, and she has a milk cow!  I don’t know many people these days that still have a milk cow.

8.  TheHomesteadingHippy – she gardens, cans, keeps chickens, and has some wonderful ideas that she shares.

9.  NourishedKitchen – great photos and articles, shared interests in farmers’ markets and traditional foods as well as raw cream!

10.  CurbstoneValleyFarm – organic gardens, goats, homemade soap… nice photos and nice blog.

I hope all that I nominate can accept this, if not, if you would accept the complement expressed in the nomination.   If you can’t accept I understand totally but please pass on to someone you admire.


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  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Connie 🙂 Now I feel extra guilty for not blogging as regularly lately! That’s the trouble with having even a tiny farm…the days simply aren’t long enough. I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule once the rains return!

    • I really enjoy reading your blog and all that you do. I completely understand how things get so busy… during the growing season, I spend more time outdoors or in the kitchen. Can’t wait to read about your latest adventures!

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